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Cities worldwide are becoming digital—or are evaluating strategies for doing so—in order to make use of the unprecedented opportunities possible from rapid network connectivity or the Internet of Things (IoT).

Digital transformation (or digitization) requires city leaders to rethink how their agencies operate—and interoperate—to maintain city infrastructures and deliver citizen services efficiently. They should understand that a host of new technology strategies are available to help them do that. It has been widely forecasted that within the next 10 years, 70 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. In order to stay ahead of this deluge of urbanization, digitization is imperative for city survival.

Digitization necessitates a combined understanding of government, citizen, and business processes in order to apply the appropriate networking technology strategies and architectures that will connect everything—people, data, actions, devices, machines—as well as embrace analytics and take a holistic approach to data security and privacy that spans technology, operations, and culture.

Cisco has developed a framework for addressing the challenges that cities are facing and how those challenges are reflected in the milestones along their digital journey. This framework successfully addresses the shared challenges cities face and also preserves a city’s uniqueness in how solutions are implemented and supported. Digital transformation—done well—will enable government leaders, city administrators, local businesses, and citizens to realize outcomes needed to survive and thrive.


Sherpa Fiber is a municipality fiber provider passionate about building 100% open fiber networks in as many markets in the United States as possible. We love networks … very fast, reliable, and affordable networks that benefit municipalities, the public, and those service providers who serve them.

Sherpa Fiber is a different type of fiber provider because we generally do not sell to end users directly. In fact, if service provider demand is high enough to “green light” a project in a city, Sherpa Fiber only leases fiber to these wholesale providers.

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BB&K is a limited liability partnership that has been in business for more than 125 years. We are a full-service law firm with nearly 200 attorneys in eight offices throughout California and one in Washington, D.C. We deliver effective, timely and service-oriented solutions to complex legal issues facing public agencies, businesses and individuals across the U.S. and internationally.

Our large public agency practice means that we work in the public interest and on many of the most challenging issues our society faces today. A nationally recognized leader in Municipal and Environmental law, we efficiently, intelligently and meaningfully assist our public agency clients with complex, multi-disciplinary issues and provide creative solutions. We successfully maneuver our public agency clients through legal complexities and governmental mandates.

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eX2 Technology is not your ordinary design-build company. We are a team of seasoned communications experts dedicated to delivering industry-leading solutions and services for smarter, more connected communities. We specialize in financing, designing, installing, marketing and maintaining robust broadband, intelligent transportation and critical infrastructure networks to a variety of industries with greater integrity, less cost and a streamlined acquisition process. Utilizing a unique public-private partnership, we help offset network build costs by identifying new revenue streams and creative financing plans while providing alternative ways to maximize your investment – such as marketing excess fiber and wireless assets on your behalf. At eX², we deliver Excellence in Execution – one unique community project at a time. Talk to us about our recent work in Ammon, Idaho; Batavia, Illinois and Mount Washington, Massachusetts.


EntryPoint was formed in late 2007 around a common vision that was developed and articulated by Robert Peterson, who was then a consultant to a number of ILEC’s in southeast Idaho and western Wyoming.  Besides Peterson, the group included the owners of two ILEC’s and three investors who believed in Peterson’s vision.

From the beginning, the EntryPoint Vision has been to separate network infrastructure from services and make it possible to increase the number of services to a premise through the use of network virtualization.  From 2008 – 2012 EntryPoint experimented and did research on ways to achieve this vision.

In January of 2015 EntryPoint was awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant by the U.S. Department of Energy for its work on Edge Intelligence for Virtualization and Security in Open Networks.

The final missing piece necessary to bring cloud capabilities to the subscriber edge was a hardened Virtual Broadband Gateway for the subscriber premise.  Through our own research and development efforts we knew the specifications needed for this device but had not found a partner that would manufacture the device.  At the end of 2014 we met and began discussions with OEM and Engineering firms.  By February of 2015 we contracted with OEM Parters to begin manufacturing Virtual Broadband Gateways.

In September of 2015 EntryPoint received its first shipment of hardened Virtual Broadband Gateways and began integrating FlowOps and SecureOps as a complete system called the EntryPoint Dynamic Open Access Suite — providing a dynamic cloud environment for edge network service delivery.

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Live Traffic Data LLC’s (LTD) cutting-edge technology bridges traffic signals to the Internet of Things (IoT), thus paving the way for vehicles to communicate with traffic signal infrastructure, supplying the necessary data for connected and automated vehicles to drive safely and efficiently on the smart roads of tomorrow.

Customers experience many benefits:

  • Optimized re-routing improves ROI by:
    • Reducing the number of unnecessary stops at red lights
    • Avoiding slow traffic conditions
    • Optimizing ride sharing logistics of customer pick-ups
    • Increasing fuel savings
    • Calculating accurate ETA.
  • Contextual Maps for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles add real-time traffic sequence data, which is essential when vehicles’ sensors or drivers’ visibility is compromised.
  • Start/Stop Technology integrated with time-to-green/time-to-red.
  • Notifies drivers of the appropriate speed to catch the green wave.

Just as important, LTD offers its patented traffic signal performance measure software to Traffic Agencies. The main features of LTD’s technology are:

  • Online Real-time Monitoring, such as: Intersection Level of Service (LOS), Link Delay, Customized Alerts, etc.
  • Off-line Analysis Toolbox, such as: Performance Assessment (Queue Length, Volume, etc), Signal Optimization Preparation, Fine-tuning Analysis, Performance Comparison (before vs. after), Retiming Benefits Analysis, and Reports.

LTD’s technology brings tremendous societal benefits by reducing pollution and congestion at traffic signal intersections by 16%, reducing the number of unnecessary stops at traffic signals, improving mileage for drivers and increased safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

The revolutionary system transforms antiquated traffic signal infrastructure into intelligent transportation systems and is easily adaptable to work anywhere in the world.

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WayCare Technologies is on a mission to optimize all facets of city operations by leveraging machine-learning technologies and predictive analytics. Its deep-learning technologies provide actionable, forward-looking insights that enable municipalities and companies alike to effectively manage resource allocation and decision-making in the urban environment.

The company’s first solution is an accident-prediction platform that enables municipalities to proactively reduce accidents, road fatalities, and congestion on the roads through a proprietary machine-learning platform that predicts accidents and congestion before they occur. Its actionable insights are then combined with WayCare’s decision-support solution, enabling users to select the optimal preventative course of action.

WayCare’s solution is SaaS-based, enabling every city to become a smart city without costly infrastructural investment.