From the Conference Director

This is our 2nd year producing technology events for civic leaders in large metropolitan areas throughout the United States, and over the past 14 months, we’ve learned a few lessons.

First, while information technology promises enormous public benefits, it also introduces new challenges. Addressing these challenges requires cross-sector and cross-government collaboration, knowledge sharing, and alignment – which is difficult to achieve for any municipal leadership team, let alone one that enables interaction from multiple communities from across the State.

Second, civic leaders often do not have access to adequate forums to understand the technologies and the implications of these technology on their citizens and their government. It’s not easy to find the time or the budget to send and entire civic team to a conference in New York or Washington DC.

Third — and this is critical — most executive conferences focus on applications — not the infrastructure considerations that will drive today’s applications and services, as well as whatever is developed or invented tomorrow. Infrastructure matters, especially in a fully-connected, ‘internet of everything’ environment that many vendors are touting.

SmartGig Arizona is designed to cut through the vendor hype and deliver practical and useful information to the local level. Our objective is to help civic leaders coordinate efforts across multiple departments and management from multiple communities in order to accelerate the development of smart city/community solutions that maximize the value of investments and optimize benefits to residents.

Our content focus emphasizes infrastructure – building the smart city from the internet up. Underpinning smarter cities and regions are complex telecommunication networks. These integrated networks depend on a deep level of planning and strategy that affects multiple levels of government: public works, finance, city managers, IT and elected officials.

For attendees, our SmartGig City events provide convenient, cost-effective opportunities to learn, share knowledge and network with like-minded peers from the region. For sponsors, exhibitors and demo partners, our events offer cost-effective opportunities to meet government decision makers, forge personal relationships and provide time to discuss solutions and showcase products.

We can’t anticipate the new ideas and solutions that will come from new communications technology but we believe the impact will be broad. Education, insight and information provided at SmartGig Arizona will help drive innovation across all segments of the State, and will lead to new initiatives in telemedicine, energy efficiency, education, emergency communications, transportation and mobile applications.

We hope you will join us in 2017 and support our events, media products and information services.

Timothy Downs
Event Director
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